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How to Safely Add a Passenger to Your Motorcycle


Whether you’re hitting the road with your favorite riding partner or simply preparing your bike for a future plus one, it’s important to understand motorcycle safety before adding a passenger. Simply telling your friend to plop on your bike as you hit the gas isn’t going to cut it. Keep you and your passenger safe by following these safety tips and shopping for the best motorcycle safety modifications today.

Be Sure You Have the Right Ride

Your first step should be inspecting your bike. Not every ride is suitable for two individuals. If you don’t have a bike that can fit a passenger, don’t try to cram them on anyway. From weight limits to safety in the event of an accident, there are many reasons to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to the number of riders and weight limit.

Trust Your Driver

Whether you’re the passenger or the driver, be sure there’s mutual trust. The passenger needs to follow the directions of the driver, and the driver needs to clearly communicate where the bike is headed in order to respond safely.

Find a Handle

Once you’re ready to get on the bike, make sure your passenger has a study place to hold on. Most passengers prefer to hold the driver securely around the waist, but if you need a little more space in between you then look for handles on your bike. The passengers job may be to hold on tight, but it’s the drivers job to avoid any risky stunts that could cause the passenger to fall off. This means sudden stops, abrupt curves and speedy acceleration should be avoided.

Lean Around Corners

A motorcycle passenger isn’t a bump on a log. As a driver, you need to take a minute to get used to the weight difference of two bodies on your bike. Ask your passenger to make life easier by being responsive and shifting their weight with you. Cruising around curves is much easier with a responsive, leaning passenger.

Get the Right Gear

Take time to make sure your passenger and your bike are ready for the ride. Your passenger needs all the same safety equipment you’re used to driving with. This could include any number of items, but should at least include:

  • Certified bike helmet
  • Protective footwear
  • Riding jacket and pants
  • Bike gloves

Inspect your bike and look for any add-ons or OEM motorcycle parts that may improve your safety. Tires that are designed for the additional weight, a powerful motorcycle horn and additional reflectors are all great ways to keep your bike visible and safe. When you ride with a passenger, you’re responsible for keeping two people safe. Be sure you’re prepared for anything you may encounter on the road.
Keep your bike and ATV up-to-date with the latest safety accessories and OEM ATV parts. From new tires to OEM replacement exhausts, grab the parts you need to ride confidently on your own or with your favorite riding partner. Shop online to see a wide selection of parts and gear to prepare for your next cruise.

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